Rabu, 08 Mei 2013


All of you think that Varanus Commodoensis is the monster of the wild animal. Yes, you are right sometimes. This opinion has its evidence by such experience. The foreigners  who visit Komodo and Rinca island (Varanus Commodensis's places) face some troubles. It can said that study about Varanus Commodensis is a difficult duty and full of challenges. The criteria to to estimate the successful about Varanus Commodensis’ study is how Komodo (local name of Varanus Commodensis) know you and it still standing there beside you. If someone can create the  comfortable, you find the door to know more Komodo. We then take a good interact with it.

There are two ways to throw in to Komodo's palace. First of all, Komodo tamer will guide you. here, the visitors just follow the guide's instruction. Second, you can go alone but you have to know all about its characters; what Komodo's will and what its instinct talking to you. Komodo is an ancient animal with its wildness, aggressive, and frightened. It will attack all around (humans, other animals, and so on) if it is in hunger and angry. Komodo attack all visitors that hurt and bleed. Beside that, women, that have a menstruation period, must not enter the Komodo area. Komodo will come and attack you. Komodo have a very sensitive blood smelling. Then, Komodo doesn’t like visitor’s aggressive attitude. Komodo feels attacked, so it opposes the visitors. In fact, study about Komodo lively is the best choosing. We can know more about its unique habits. However, we must take care to enter and meet Komodo. You must keep in distance. so spend your haliday in Rinca and Komodo island... Surely, u feel a real human there...

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